Processbuilder redirect output

This is Recipe 12.15, “How to redirect the STDOUT and STDIN of external commands in Scala.” Problem. You want to redirect the standard output (STDOUT) and standard input (STDIN) when running external system commands in a Scala application. For instance, you may want to redirect STDOUT to log the output of an external command to a file. Solution public abstract static class ProcessBuilder.Redirect extends Object Represents a source of subprocess input or a destination of subprocess output. Each Redirect instance is one of the following: Feb 12, 2018 · The exec() method of the java.lang.Runtime class and the related ProcessBuilder.start() method can be used to invoke external programs. While running, these programs are represented by a java.lang.Process object. I want to redirect the output of a command executed by ProcessBuilder to the jTextArea component at the time of its execution rather than at its end of execution. Process. When run, programs occupy their own processes. These are at the level of the operating system. And one process, in a Java program, cannot contain another one. The methods of ProcessBuilder are divided in three categories: the ones that combine two ProcessBuilder to create a third, the ones that redirect input or output of a ProcessBuilder, and the ones that execute the external processes associated with it. Combining ProcessBuilder. Two existing ProcessBuilder can be combined in the following ways: