Book twenty and ten

"I have taken several of the JesusWalk studies and have found them to be an excellent source of material for in-depth Bible study."." -- Ronald Huntley "I live on a remote ranch, and just knowing that other believers were studying the same Scriptures at the same time I was gave me a sense of fellowship." Premise/plot: Twenty fifth-graders* under the care of Sister Gabriel welcome ten Jewish children into their lives and agree to risk their lives to save them and hide them from the Nazis. This short little children's novel is set in France during the Second World War. In the first chapter, the twenty children are introduced.Twenty and Ten is a novella, written in the 1952, by a French author. It is a story about hiding Jewish children. The twist in this story which may be different from other stories like it is that children have to be clever and crafty in protecting the Jewish children and not the adults.