Mutt color schemes

These are color schemes available at vifm-colors presented in alphabetical order. See files for attribution. Note that color schemes are affected by 16-color palette used by the terminal and may not be displayed as indented by their authors below or look differently on your machine. I can't seem to find good color schemes though. My current one puts a lot of strain on my eyes and is too dark with too little contrast. Can you guys share some of yours? I am looking for something that would look good in a dark terminal, although if you have a lighter one that is good, I can switch to that as well. Thanks! I have 256 colors working just fine in konsole,.I thought I'd give tmux a try because, unlike screen, it seems to support vi mode. However I find that the colors of my prompt show up and this is most likely because I have a 256 color mode prompt. auburn color, black and blue color, black and brown color, brown and black color, color ochre, color of a cinnamon stick, color of cinnamon, color shades of orange and brown color, contrasting combination of warm and cool tones, granite color, r palette for designers, red-brown color. Mutt's color scheme is acid green with black stripes with several exhaust pipes on both sides. Mutt's logo is a dog driving a car and holding black billiard ball in its paw. Feb 05, 2018 · Mutt color scheme based on badwolf. Contribute to h3xx/mutt-colors-neonwolf development by creating an account on GitHub.