Apex chart time series

To create your chart, you can either add a region to an existing page and define it as a stacked bar chart, or you can create a new page. In this exercise, you create a new page within the Bar Chart application you just created. The chart will display the sum for sales by product category. Is there a function that will take an existing series of values in oracle SQL for Apex and will make a trendline based on those values? ... and Y values that are time ... Oracle APEX 5.1 stacked bar chart. Series Name in JET Charts The release notes in both 5.1.3 and 5.1.4 state the following 8.1.4 JET Chart Data Densification Oracle JET requires that each series of a multi-series chart contains a data point for each label that is represented on the x-axis. Jan 25, 2016 · The key take aways from this is that you set the data on the apex:chart component and then inside the apex:gaugeSeries you set the dataField that maps to your GaugeData class in your controller. If this does not match correctly, nothing will report failure, the gauge chart just will not display. This tutorial shows you how to build charts, gantts and maps in Oracle Application Express 4.0. Time to Complete. Approximately 60 minutes. Overview. Oracle Application Express 4.0 includes the integration of AnyChart 5.1 resulting in improved performance, decreased rendering time, and decreased update time.