Most efficient rocket stove

Mar 20, 2009 · Rocket Stoves: Simple, Efficient Wood Burners Generally speaking, TreeHuggers are fans of efficiency, and we are obsessive about recycling. So you'd think we'd be all over a design that can be ... Jan 16, 2014 · Small rocket stove makes for an efficient offgrid or camping stove. Interest in rocket stoves is growing, and with good reason, as they're fast, efficient, and cleaner-burning than most other options. Here's a small affordable model for camping or emergency preparedness. A step-by-step guide to building your own super-efficient rocket powered oven. The most comprehensive build-your-own project of it’s type by leading Australian alternative technology innovators, Tim Barker and Joel Meadows. Learn the fundamentals of rocket stove design that powers the oven, and choose between one of two designs to build. This high-efficiency, large capacity wood stove delivers a maximum heat output of 100,000 BTU which is perfect for heating a large 1,000 to 2,4000 square feet space. Its rugged design includes a 5/16-inch steel top plate, a heavy-duty cast iron door with a 16 3/8 X 9 5/8-inch ceramic glass surface and an adjustable handle. Check out my Ammo Can Rocket Stove - a small, inexpensive, homemade wood stove which burns without smoke, thanks to it's secondary burn system and insulated burn chamber.