Bootstrap horizontal scrollbar example

Scroll - horizontal and vertical In this example you can see DataTables doing both horizontal and vertical scrolling at the same time. Note also that pagination is enabled in this example, and the scrolling accounts for this. The horizontal scrollbar appears when the sum of column`s width exceeds Grid element width. The Height and Width property is used to set the Grid height and width respectively. The value of these properties can be a numeric value, pixel( px ) or percentage ( % ). Sep 08, 2019 · So in this article, we will discuss about different examples of css custom scrollbar along with horizontal scroll bar each of different style and color with the help of html, css and JavaScript. Scrollbar are well known in light of their adaptable property. A jQuery plugin created for replacing the native scrollbar on the desktop. The Fxp jQuery Scroller plugin adds slim, customizable, vertical/horizontal scrollbars to scrollable content with ease. Fully customizable via CSS and easy to implement via HTML data attribute. Looking for a pure CSS solution to customize the native scrollbar?