How often to sharpen deli slicer blade

Since Bizerba slicers get a lot of wear and tear every day, the manufacturers recommend you sharpen the blade each day, as well. This maintenance ensures clean-cut lunchmeats and happy customers. Dec 11, 2019 · The high stainless steel blade on this meat slicer is of a professional grade, made to resist corrosion and stay sharp. When it does come time to sharpen the blade, to make sharpening even easier, this meat slicer is equipped with a built-in sharpener that takes less than a minute. Jun 16, 2019 · For instance, light-duty options have blades that measure around 10 inches, and they are capable of doing light tasks that take less than 1 hour to complete. There are also medium-duty slicers that have larger blades than light-duty machines, and they’re capable of slicing foods other than simply meats, like vegetables and cheese. These blades work on all Chef's Choice slicers. Replace your old blades or use our blade sharpener to give your slicing that extra sharp edge to get even the toughest slicing jobs done. As always, contact our friendly customer service staff with any questions you have and scroll down to see all our outstanding slicer blades and slicer accessories. When you want to turn your kitchen into a deli, you need the Best Choice Products® Meat Slicer 7.5″ Blade Home Deli Meat ham slicer Premium Quality. This slicer is perfect for slicing beef, turkey, venison and more, from ultra-thin all the way up to half-inch thick slices.