128 bit laptop

Oct 10, 2009 · JN77So, 128 bit windows on a 128bit computer with 100 TB hard drive space, and 32 tb ram, with 512 core processor.... Forum discussion: ok im looking for 512 megs DDR PC3200 ram. I'm looking at the mobo, and it supports 128 and 64 bit. My question is how to tell the difference, or is it just a setting in the bios? The bus (128 or 256-bit) is what connects the memory to the GPU (im pretty sure) but basicly the bigger the bus is the more data can get through. but the 4770 uses very fast GDDR5 SO for instance ... Jun 14, 2019 · Cryptography is the main use of bit-lengths 128-bit, 256-bit, and higher. 128-bit is generally the minimum recommended for a private key using a secure algorithm like AES or Triple-DES. Therefore 256-bit would be recommended to ensure longer-term security. Remember that if you are using public keys then the key length will need to be much longer.