Can you be a vampire and a spellcaster sims 4

A Spellcaster in The Sims 4 Realm of Magic. You can do much to customize the look of your caster. Wands and brooms are purchasable objects, with several designs you can choose from. Additionally, there are a number of new CAS assets to create a certified magical look. The five color groups are: Blue, Green, Brown and Gray. (5 Blue, 4 Brown, 3 Green, 4 Gray and 2 Unusual Eyecolors) The eyes can be found in the "Eyes" section. Note: there are four files, choose only one! I have included four files, this way you can choose yourself exactly which races can have access to these eyes. The guide I read recommended starting as a Vampire, getting them where you want them to get, and THEN adding Spellcaster (via cheats). Because you'll be unable to access the Vampire Perks screen once you go hybrid. Vampire spellcasters are simply hybrids in sims 4, same as vampire aliens, vampire mermaids etc, and hybrids in sims 4 are just a bug, not something officially intended. Luxims Test Subject