Asterisk presence states

Once the presence subscription is activated successfully for the buddy, application will be notified about the buddy's presence status in the on_buddy_state() callback. Parameters buddy_id Hi. I am trying to do some hotdesking. The main idea is that people dial code then password and will be logged in to queue. But before that i want to write to mysql whenever they where logged in or out. Description: AMI does not emit events when device state or presence state changes. The closest things that exist currently are the ExtenstionStatus and PresenceStatus events, whic Asterisk is the new concept by the owners of Akron Coffee Roasters who are known for their excellent roasts and pour-over coffees! They've had a presence on either side of Cuyahoga Falls for years at their downtown Akron location and their booth at the Countryside Farmer's Market. • Asterisk Gateway Interface • Dial plan can call Perl, Python, PHP scripts • AGI script reads from STDIN to get information from Asterisk • AGI script writes data to STDOUT to send information to Asterisk • AGI script can write to STDERR to send debug information to the console • Scripts stored in /usr/share/asterisk/agi-bin/ on Debian